What Really Works in Christian Music Marketing?

marketing“I believe that music is connected by human passions and curiosities rather than by marketing strategies.”– Elvis Costello

Many times we have folks come to our workshops or finish their serious project, and they are ready to move to some serious marketing. They feel they need help to move to a new level in spreading the word.

But what can the unsigned, independent Christian artist really do? What real opportunities exist to these artists in radio? What about marketing companies to get exposure? Is national publicity something that will really help?

At Creative Soul we’ve become very dissatisfied with the options out there, and therefore have mostly suggested working hard to build a following through social marketing and then get out there to them through live events. It’s cost effective, and actually brings money IN (how about that!)

Everything else, from radio, to marketing, from online advertising to publicity is NOT always cost-effective, and I might even say a waste of money. Here’s why…

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