Welcome to the Studio…

We’ve been waiting for you.

collageFor years you’ve held onto a dream to come and work on your music, or take the next step that God has for your music and ministry.

We’re here and we’re ready to help you investigate your options, get things done the right way (finally!), and then help you figure out how to get the music and ministry to the world!

Come join us at our studios and get started now on what you’ve waited all your life to do.

Here’s how we work.


c1There are so many steps that have to be planned , so many questions you need answered, and so many roads you could take. That’s exactly why we put so much into our different consulting options we take with every clients before anyone comes and gets started in the studio.

What are the right songs? What is the right team for you? What is the right setting for your first steps to where you want to go?

Check out our unique and evolved ways we get started with all artists.


Playground-RecordingAfter knowing where we want to go and why, it’s time to head to the place we started and feel the most comfortable: the studio. Welcome.

We have worked at some of the top studios in Nashville for decades, and other great studios around the US as well. We have the musicians, engineers, and staff to meet any recording need with just the right touch and with the utmost professionalism and business manor.

Click here to learn more about our Production.


mmb_blogtopperNow, this is where other producers or studios may leave you, standing there with something they produced for you. “Bye, thanks for coming!” But we think it’s where the real work begins.

Stunning photography, eye-catching design, and high-end music video are just the start to the services we have provided for over 20 years. We’ve been developing web site for artists since 1997, and we are leaders in social media marketing and other marketing services specifically designed to grow music ministries.

Find out more about our marketing here.

So again, welcome to the studio.

We’d love to talk to you about your dreams and plans. Contact us here.