The 2018 Artist & Songwriter Success Workshop!

We are planning our next workshop for March 16, 2018 at Word Entertainment, and we’d love you to be there!

After more than 25 years helping Christian artists and songwriters find success for their music and ministry, we have all faced some challenges in this new music business world. But we think we have figured out the new way for artists to succeed and reach the world with their music.

We’ll be focusing on this in our new 2018 Artist & Songwriter Success Workshop and we’d like you to be there!

Our goals have always been to help artists reach the world with the talents God has given them. Of course we have always provided helpful consulting to guide artists as they begin, and very high quality in our music production. But marketing has always been a moving target in the music business, especially with traditional models like radio and publicity being very costly, and sometimes questionable in their effectiveness.

Lately we are finding one true way to reach fans, friends, family, and a whole new audience who may have never heard from you. We’d like to find out about your music and ministry, and then focus on how to get your specific talents out to the world.

We also have new answers for songwriters including how to do more with your songs than just write them and file them away. These ideas include how to really improve as a songwriter, pitch your songs to major publishers, and get your music in film and TV.

It’s a fun day we think will be a great beginning, or restart to what God has given you to do. We hope you’ll join us!

The cost is $299 for the entire day, and a deposit to hold your slot is just $100.

Seats are limited as we like to keep this to a handful of artists and songwriters so we can concentrate on each workshop participant and leave them with a plan to actually get started. 

Contact us now for more information and questions!