New Production Packages

Tracking with Ronnie Brookshire
Tracking with Ronnie Brookshire at Dark Horse Recording

We’ve been helping artists record their next great project for over 20 years. Usually in the past that has meant a new 10-song album, and of course we still offer this. But we have found some new levels of recording project that may just appeal to where you are right now.

The “A-Side/B-Side” Single Package

In this new day of being able to upload a new single quickly to iTunes, sometimes the thing you need is a great new single. We’ve struggled in the past to make this cost-effective since it’s easier to save money by doing more than one song in a trip to Nashville. We’ve solved this by doing TWO singles concurrently, which gives you two singles to release, OR, a strong single and nice “B-side” to release as a free giveaway or marketing option. This package includes song selection, production, vocals, mix, master, photo/design, and even getting it all online for you if you need us too. Email us for more info on pricing.

Release a 5-Song EP 

Artists are wanting to release more material faster to their fans, so the EP (Extended Play) CD has become popular, as bands and artists can release more music, quicker than having to put a whole 10-song product together. This includes everything above, plus design for physical product, and duplication assistance.Email us for more info on pricing.

musicministryThe Standard 10-Song CD

An oldie but a goodie. There’s nothing better to sell at your tables after the show than a 10-song CD. It’s what fans want the most. When you are ready for a top notch serious product, this is it, and we can help. Email us for more info on pricing.