Life of a Songwriter II: Music for Use

A New Songwriting and Unique Publishing Opportunity

I have started to look at getting some of our songs out to a whole new audience: those looking for music for film, TV, advertising, and video games. To this end, I am looking to write and co-write new songs for this exciting, and possibly lucrative new venture.

With the success of our Life of a Songwriter and other compilations projects, I am now introducing “Life of a Songwriter II: Music for Use. A Songwriting and Sync Royalty Opportunity”.

With Life of a Songwriter, we had artists work with a songwriter, then produce a single, then we will be pitching these songs to Word publishing and possibly beyond. (We can still offer this initial Life of a Songwriter opportunity, please contact us with interest.)

In Life of a Songwriter II, we will be looking for positive (but not necessarily Christian) songs that easily crossover into a more broad use for TV, Film, and other uses. We will work together to pen a song that fits these parameters, produce it to our exacting standards, then put it into our various processes to get the song out there and used.

There are a few caveats to this opportunity that writers should be made aware of:

  • We will split the writer’s and publisher’s share of royalties right down the middle, 50/50.
  • Not all songwriters will sing their song, depending on if they are right for the song. This is something of a departure for us, as usually we like artists to do their own song. But if we could hire a better professional for the job, just like our musicians, we will do it.
  • This likely will not be a Christian song, but should be positive (and probably upbeat as these types of songs seem to do best in commercials, TV, etc).
  • The song should have a universal message (love, fun, happy, positive) and/or themes that may be unique for a situation (marriage, life, a great day, event, holidays).
  • The goal here is a song that can be used, and therefore bring income!

After production we will be putting the songs on our various sites depending on it’s use, and songwriters are always free to release the song however they like (as a single, put on an album, etc. Digital release will be handled by us to ensure automatic split of digital monies to each writer.)

Publishing will be handled by From the Moment Music, through BMI. Writers do not need to belong to a PRO, but we would suggest this.

Please contact us here with interest in this opportunity and we can fill you in on costs and time frame.

We would like to begin this opportunity no later than October 1.

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