Fall Specials

You know you have limited time to finish your creative works, just like I do. This maybe be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Creative Soul is offering Fall Special Packages to help you make AND get your music out to your audience! We’ve recently helped folks like Abigail SloaneKelly Gardenhire, and Rachel Moore make new EPs, singles, web sites, and digital stores. We’ve been doing this for years and know every step.

The Single Package

Get a new high end single out and introduce your music, or re-introduce yourself to your fans with something better than you have ever done!

The package starts at $2,500 and includes all costs to create an amazing single, including production, musicians, studio, mix, master, and cover design. We’ll also help you get it to the major digital outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more!

We can also help you design a website, with an online store, and have you up and running in a month!

The EP Package

This is for artists ready to make a larger imprint, and have a digital AND physical product they can sell to fans.

The 5-song package starts at $10k, but we chop it up into teeny, tiny, bite-size payments you can afford in real life!

We have artists we have produced CDs and EPs for who are getting national radio, national publicity, and really getting out there with a premium product on a large scale. Would you like to join them?

The Video Package

This is actually our preferred method of marketing now, and we can add this to any package starting at $600. Now be aware, you can spend much more on this depending on the kind of production you want. But there is no better way to reach people online right now combining a killer video with your web site, Facebook page, and YouTube. We can help you do it all.

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