Creative Soul Records Premium

A 12-Month Process to Record, Market, and go to Radio!

We believe that the Creative Soul process is a good one. We have helped hundreds of artists realize their dreams of recording and ministry.

Recently, we began a non-profit sister company called Creative Heart Ministries. We are putting these two great brands together to offer what we feel is a unique and better alternative on the recording deal.

Working through Creative Heart, a department of A.C.T. International in Brentwood, TN, artists can raise money for their project offering supporters a tax-deductible donation. Think of it as Kickstarter (except instead of CDs and trinkets, donors get a tax deduction!), raising what you need with the help of Creative Soul Records, a veteran of helping many, many artists build a music ministry.

This may sound challenging, but your only other options are: a bigger challenge to come up with it yourself, or the challenge of being the 1% of 1% that can get signed by an industry that doesn’t sign that much.

Here’s what we will be offering:

We pay you to be the artist
You get paid to do your vocals. Like…a check, to sing. What record deal does that? You’re a talent, and Creative Heart pays you from funds raised to sing vocals.

Production of a 5-song EP
This will be a no-holds barred, top-notch project. Each song will be focused on and given the budget it needs from tracking, to overdubs, to vocals, to background vocals, to mix. We will spend a good amount of time also going through the songs, or finding amazing songs as they must be surefire radio material. As usual Creative Soul Records will hire and use the absolute top musicians, engineers, producers, background singers, etc., to ensure the quality we have provided for years, and the sound required by the industry.

Photo Session and Design
We will do a complete photo session in Nashville with our photographer, and a unique design for your EP artwork.

Creative Heart will manufacture CDs and the artist may purchase them for cost and sell at any markup they like.

Web Site and Social Media Design
These are two very important parts of online marketing, and will be handled by Creative Soul Records as well.

Digital Sales
Since the  artist was basically a paid talent for their work as mentioned above, Creative Heart will also give each artist 100% of sales from all sources including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and more.

National Radio Promotion
We will be working with A-Sides Radio Promotion to get your music to hundreds of radio stations. This will be their highest package that aims towards Christian AC and Christian Inspo radio stations nationwide.

This includes a separate national publicity release to all Christian media outlets.

We have also included budget for marketing your music and ministry with tools like Facebook Ads and more.

The EP production development will cover the first 4-6 months, with web site and social media development happening as CDs are being made.  Radio starts in earnest after the album and website launch, and actually continues for up to a year afterward.

This is the closest thing we can offer to an actual label record deal and we feel it is a great way for artists to launch, or relaunch their music ministry.

Got questions? Here are some answers.

Will the artist own the master?
Technically no, but you’ll have CDs you can sell at any price, and all digital sales. Any other needs from the master can be discussed. The reason you cannot own the master is mainly tax-based. If you are taking donations through a non-profit entity, the non-profit “owns” the master.  However, buyout options are certainly possible at any point.

Can I donate myself?
Yes. Again, since technically you are giving to a non-profit and not getting the money yourself, you, your spouse, your family, etc., are simply donating to a ministry.

How can I raise what is needed?
Can you find 40 people to donate $50/month for a year? How about a hundred folks to donate $20/mo. for a year?  People give to Kickstarter projects all the time, but what we are offering is a way to give people a tax deduction as well!

How can I sell CDs if Creative Heart paid for them from donated funds?
Because you buy them at cost as a donation to Creative Heart, and then you can sell them for whatever you like.

I’m still hung up on ownership of the master.
Then you may want to go a more traditional route and fund the project yourself. We’re happy to talk about that as well.

Got more questions? We’d love to talk about this new way to start your music and ministry. Email us