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OUR NEWEST VIDEO! Creative Soul is about much more than just recording in Nashville. We offer complete consulting, to production, to even marketing services! Click here for your first steps to working with Creative Soul!


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We have the top Christian producers, musicians, studios, and engineers in Nashville to give you a unique sound that defines your music and ministry. Don’t be fooled by the myth that because you are coming to Nashville that you will have the “Nashville” or “CCM” sound. That’s where Creative Soul and YOU come in, taking the best team in the world and creating something new and different. Not Just a Studio We are a full development and production … (Read More) >


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A Great First Step We believe that most of you reading this are mainly looking for simple answers: “What is my next, best step?” “Where am I as a Songwriter?” and “Can you help me with my dream of doing this?” If you think that a music ministry is what God has planned for you, you have songs you want to share with the world, or you are planning on recording a CD project, we … (Read More) >