Get Seen. Get Heard.

For years, we have been trying to play the music industry game with music artists, songwriters, and ministries. I’ve always hoped we could find our niche to really help artists, songwriters, and ministries reach their audience, outside of what we have done well for years which is amazing music production and graphic identity. We think we have found the perfect ways to help any artist, songwriter, or ministry reach the audience they want, and affect hearts, minds, and even lives for the better.


Life of a Songwriter II: Music for Use

A New Songwriting and Unique Publishing Opportunity I have started to look at getting some of our songs out to a whole new audience: those looking for music for film, TV, advertising, and video games. To this end, I am looking to write and co-write new songs for this exciting, and possibly lucrative new venture. With the success of our Life of a Songwriter and other compilations projects, I am now introducing “Life of a … (Read More) >


Fall Specials

You know you have limited time to finish your creative works, just like I do. This maybe be just what you’ve been waiting for. Creative Soul is offering Fall Special Packages to help you make AND get your music out to your audience! We’ve recently helped folks like Abigail Sloane, Kelly Gardenhire, and Rachel Moore make new EPs, singles, web sites, and digital stores. We’ve been doing this for years and know every step.

New Single Recording and Radio Special

This package includes our usual top-quality recording in Nashville with the top players and engineers in the business, as well as radio promotion through A-Sides promotion to get your single to hundreds of radio stations. Several of our artists have been using A-Sides, with one single reaching over 500 stations!