A Positive New Beginning

Each year at this time we make resolutions, or think about making resolutions, and as I’ve written in the past its actually more important to be resolute. In truth, I prefer to think of this time of year as a chance for new positive beginnings. ... (Read More) >


Get Seen. Get Heard.

For years, we have been trying to play the music industry game with music artists, songwriters, and ministries. I’ve always hoped we could find our niche to really help artists, songwriters, and ministries reach their audience, outside of what we have done well for years which is amazing music production and graphic identity. We think we have found the perfect ways to help any artist, songwriter, or ministry reach the audience they want, and affect hearts, minds, and even lives for the better. ... (Read More) >


Introducing Cre8iv.tv!

In working for several decades as a music and recording company, we have found that our real value comes in helping music artists introduce their brand, find and grow their audience, and reach people with their music and message. Yes, we help them develop and record, but that’s just the beginning. We all get into this work so that God can use our gifts, and get them to the world. We think we’ve found the ... (Read More) >

The 2018 Artist & Songwriter Success Workshop!

After more than 25 years helping Christian artists and songwriters find success for their music and ministry, we have all faced some challenges in this new music business world. But we think we have figured out the new way for artists to succeed and reach the world with their music. ... (Read More) >


Such Little Time…

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs. We have a finite time on this earth to create. That has never been more clear to me than watching my mother lose her desire and then her ability to create in her battle with cancer. ... (Read More) >


You Can’t…Not

Some people say they want to do something creative. It may be singing, songwriting, dancing, acting, or some other creative thing. They want to do it, but they don’t do it. This is where I find the true drop off between the people who are successful in creative careers, and those who are not… ... (Read More) >


It’s About the Songs

We have worked with artists and songs for almost three decades. Now more than ever, it just has to be about the songs. For some reason people think being a great singer, or entertainer, or artist is what it is all about. This is because we see the marketing behind these kinds of people and they stick out to us. So we conclude then that is what we should aspire to. But as we have ... (Read More) >