Funding Your Music Ministry

We’re moving towards something new this year. Something big, and so I have been carefully charting a course to get us there. So far this year, I have presented the “The State of the Music Ministry Business”, a report from interviews with people in the Christian music industry as well as artists out there trying to make ministry work. Also, I explored “The Forgotten Why” of why we minister with our gifts. Of course at some point, … (Read More) >


The Forgotten Why

It’s easy when you are a creative person to get all caught up in the what, the how, and when, and the where. Where’s my next gig? What’s my next song or great piece of art going to be? How do I get a bigger audience? When will I get paid? But the WHY is most important…


Looking for New Artists!

We’re looking for our next music ministry success stories! In 2017, Creative Soul has some very interesting projects planned that continue to celebrate and tell the story of our artists and their amazing ministry success stories. This goes WAY beyond the studio, or fame, but actually in long-term ministry to the world. Not just being seen and heard, but making a real difference with the talents you been given. If this sounds exciting, and you’ve … (Read More) >


What We See Out There

In a few weeks to open the year, we will be doing our “State of the Christian Music Industry” blog and PDF eBook. This will be a report in a way of what we have heard from the major labels, mid-level labels, and others throughout the Christian music industry. Some of those interviews are still going on. But before I do, I wanted to share some preliminary things we are seeing in the industry from … (Read More) >


Our New EP and Single Packages for 2017

It’s that time of year again! Creative Soul, the industry leader in helping new Christian artists and songwriters get started and get active in music careers, is looking for the next projects for the coming year. We have two great new programs that may interest you. The 2017 Creative Soul EP Package This is our lowest priced, yet full featured multi-song product offering for artists and songwriters looking to make an impact on the world. We offer … (Read More) >


We’re Looking for Songs!

We currently have an artist looking for songs for her next album and are looking for songs about Grace, overcoming, victory, and not being forsaken. We are looking for contemporary, commercial songs for a female singer. No country, no southern gospel please. Find out more about how to submit your songs here! We hope to hear from you!


Why a Web Site Matters

If you are a musician, artist, songwriter, or doing any kind of business in music and ministry, you probably know you need a web site. It’s one of the first questions I ask any artist/songwriter that comes to meet with us, mainly because it’s a good indication of how serious they have been with their music to this point. Your web site is your home base. Even if you have a Facebook Fan Page, dedicated … (Read More) >


Welcome to the Studio…

We’ve been waiting for you. For years you’ve held onto a dream to come and work on your music, or take the next step that God has for your music and ministry. We’re here and we’re ready to help you investigate your options, get things done the right way (finally!), and then help you figure out how to get the music and ministry to the world! Come join us at our studios and get started now … (Read More) >