The NEW 2014 Christian Artist Development Workshop

Come to Nashville, TN and spend the day investigating your music ministry potential, and getting feedback on your talent!

When will YOU join us and finally begin your journey to what you know God has for you to do?

Upcoming Dates: Thursday March 20, 2014 (A few spots still available), Friday March 21, 2014 (Sorry all spots filled), Friday, April 4, 2014 (Spots still available), Friday April 18, 2014 (Spots still available) – Contact us here to find out more and lock in your place!


(May, June, and July dates to be announced soon. Contact us and help us set those dates.)

For over a decade Creative Soul has been welcoming Christian artists and songwriters to Nashville for our unique Christian Artist Workshop. We start every new project this way, but moreover, we feel it is a tremendous way for artists and songwriters to gauge where they are even if they are not ready to record right now.

Starting in January, we will be scheduling one day per month for an exciting day for up to 5 artists. This will be a full day where you will get to talk about your ministry, hear about other ministries, and get all the information you have always wanted to know.

The day begins at the luxurious conference room at a large Christian label headquarters like Word Entertainment on Music Row in Nashville, TN, or Provident Music (in partnership with the Gospel Music Association), in Cool Springs, TN.

Artist Introductions
We’ll begin with introductions of each artist, where you are from and what your music ministry is about. Hearing the other artists talk will be an experience in itself for you as we go around share how God is working in our lives and music.

Who We Are and What We Do
Next, we fully explain Creative Soul, our history, what we do for Christian artists and songwriters, and the unique services we offer.

Vision and Identity
After that, we get into what makes you different as an artist. What is your “Something Else”? We let each artist share, and perhaps even do some round-table discussion to find answers.

Learn from a Veteran
When tour schedules allow, we will occasionally have a Creative Soul artist join us and talk about how they have built a career starting in the very spot you are starting: The Development Workshop. They’ll talk about getting started, how they made Christian ministry not only a success, but a daily part of their life and work.

Then we go and have lunch at one of Nashville’s unique restaurants. This gives us time for getting to know each other, and finding answers in fellowship.

hero1The Artist and Music Development Process
In the afternoon session, we will begin by talking about how the entire process works, from Workshop to Studio Production to Marketing, and finally, to making income from your music ministry. We’ll discuss everything from concerts, to sales, to publishing.

The Reality of Getting Out There
Here we get into the details of how artists generate income, how they market themselves in the new world of music, and discuss other hot topics like publishing, copyrights, and touring. This is real world, how it’s done stuff that you always wonder about. We have answers!

Sharing Your Talent
Then it’s music time. We’ll hear a song from each artist, and give constructive and helpful ideas in response. We’ll be honest and tell you what we hear. We may even bring in some producers who we may pair with you should we get going in production.

feb14aDirection and a Plan
We wrap up with some solid direction for each artist. We take what we have learned about you and discuss real next actionable steps for your music ministry.

There is nothing like this workshop in the music world, and it is designed for you to grow immensely in one great day.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. We’re likely looking at the 3rd Friday of every month. So if you can’t make one month, you can come the next!

Upcoming Dates: March 20, April 4, and April 18.

Contact us here to get more info!