The GET REAL Conference

May 15, 2015 at Word Entertainment in Nashville, TN

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Ready to Get Real?

A unique one day event that will speak the realities of how your music and ministry fit into the world of Christian music. Seats still available!


We are excited to have guest speakers for this one day event that has very limited seating. The event will be split into two sections.

GET REAL: The Realities of Being a Working Christian Artist, and the Truths about Getting Signed

Everyone who thinks of being a music ministry assumes they need a “record deal”. They just reason that is how all the Christian artists they have heard of did it, and they watch The Voice and American Idol and come to conclusion that they need that kind of exposure too.

But as a Christian artist is that what God has really called us to? Will you only know happiness serving God if you can sign a record deal with a major label?

We’re organizing a killer round table of working independent artists that have found REAL success without a major label to help them. We’ll meet a former major label, now independent and working, artist who will tell us the good, bad, and the ugly about what it’s like to have and operate under a record deal. We’ll also hear from Josh Bailey, the Vice President in charge of A&R for Word Records, who will share very valuable REAL information on how he signs artists to Word.

This is a must for anyone thinking about starting a music ministry, moving to the next level, or interested in how and why artists get signed to majors.

GET REAL: The Realities of Successful Christian Songwriting, and the Business of Christian Music Publishing in 2015

Everyone wonders how music publishing works. If you have a great song you’ve written, what do you do with it? What is music publishing? What are the real possibilities, steps, and processes to find success as a Christian songwriter?

The conference location at Warner Music Nashville

The second part of the day will concentrate on music publishing. We’ll meet a songwriter who has found REAL success from humble roots, and later in life. We’ll talk to a former Christian label publisher and worship song specialist whose main goals are to help Christian songwriters grow to the next level. Then finally we’ll meet one of Word Publishing’s own staff who will talk and answer questions about what they are looking for in songs and how that world really works.

This a conference for those people who are ready to get REAL answers to get going, get restarted, or finally hit that next level you’ve always wanted to find.

Seating is extremely limited for this amazing conference. Click here to save your seat and find out about our great deals surrounding this unique event!

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