New Single Recording and Radio Special

Creative Soul Records is teaming up with A-Sides Radio Promotion to offer you a special year long recording and promotion experience for your music and ministry.

Creative Soul has long helped artists from consulting, through production, and into marketing. Also through the years we’ve helped to guide artists to radio and publicity options as well!

This package includes our usual top-quality recording in Nashville with the top players and engineers in the business, as well as radio promotion through A-Sides promotion to get your single to hundreds of radio stations. Several of our artists have been using A-Sides, with one single reaching over 500 stations!

Other options to this special opportunity can include an easy monthly payment option, a full photo shoot and design by our amazing photographer/designer Erick Anderson, mix by one of Grammy winning engineers, your music to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more, and also a press release to Christian music media.

It’s a full recording, marketing, and promotion release that we will walk through together all the way.

If you’re interested in talking to us, please contact us here about this amazing package!