marketingTo get seen and heard, you have to get in front of people. We have been working with artists after the recording process for decades, and through our artists’ hard work, we keep up on what makes a difference in marketing.

Image and Identity
It’s what they see before they hear. Sometimes it defines IF they listen at all.Think about it, how many times have you picked up an interesting-looking CD at the music store and THEN listened to it because it looked amazing? (We DO judge a book by its cover!) (READ MORE >)

Web Development
Let’s face it, your web presence is what people check out to see if they are interested in your music. How often do you check out a company online FIRST before buying their product? Um, every time right? (READ MORE >)

Music Video Production
Video is the BEST way to get your music heard online and find support for your music, as well as make royalty income from YouTube and other sources. (SEE MORE >)