The Life of a Songwriter (A New Opportunity!)

Write with a master. Produce an amazing single. Pitch to a major publisher.

Introducing a new multi-songwriter project with Creative Soul Records,, and Word Publishing.

We are looking for folks who are ready to live The Life of a Songwriter. This is a limited availability experience for serious songwriters only.

The idea is to experience the whole life of a songwriter, from working with and learning from a Master Songwriter, to producing an amazing single, to pitching your single in person to a major Christian music publisher face to face.

The art of writing a great song, getting a great version of it produced, and pitching to publishers is not a new one. Songwriters have been stumbling and struggling through this process for years.

This opportunity ties together our connection to the new Master Songwriters brand, as well as our decades in making amazing sounding productions in Nashville for songwriters, and our enduring relationship with Word Entertainment, specifically our ties to Word Publishing.

As part of this project, you will:

  • Work with a Master Songwriter at
  • Create an amazing single for your song with Creative Soul Records
  • Pitch your song, in person, to Word Publishing
  • Release your single to the world to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and more.
  • Be part of a special “Life of the Songwriter” web site with all the songs and bios/links on each writer.

If you are a growing Christian or Country songwriter, this is a project that you will want to be a part of

Also, Creative Soul can offer each songwriter marketing and web help for promoting their single to radio, or just their fan-base.

Other services offered (prices not included as everyone has different needs):

Brand development
Radio Promotion
Photography and Design
Website Development
Social Media Design and Assistance

For more information on being part of this exciting, limited availability project, and how it works, email us at

One thought on “The Life of a Songwriter (A New Opportunity!)

  1. Hi Eric,
    I would definitely be interested in receiving more information about this songwriting opportunity. I am a singer songwriter; my main focus on writing rather than performing. Thanks for all you do for Christian artists and songwriters. God bless you richly!

    In Christ,
    Ronnie Jones

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