Creative Soul Artist Workshop Live

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Bring Creative Soul to YOU!

live1For over a decade artists have enjoyed the information, opportunity, and fellowship with Creative Soul in our one-on-one Christian Artist Workshops in Nashville. Now we are bringing the information to YOU!

The Christian Artist Workshop Live is hosted by a home church in your area (click here to offer your church as a site!) Our goal is to have 10-20 Christian artists to share our important and helpful information about how to start a music ministry, find your calling, and work with Creative Soul in Nashville.

Here’s how our main workshop is laid out:


Travel in to area

5pm Meet with Event Host and Church Venue


live210 am – Who You Are – A round table discussion finding out about all the folks present, who they are and what they do.

11 am – Who We Are – The history, mission, and what we do as a busy Christian music company in Nashville, TN.

12 pm – Your Vision and What Makes You Different – More round table discussion as we find out what makes each artist present different and special.

1 pm – Networking Lunch Provided by Church/Creative Soul

2 pm – The Artist Development Process – How Creative Soul develops, produces, and markets Christian music ministries.

3 pm – Income Streams – Here we talk about booking, publishing, copyright, and all the other ways your ministry can earn and support itself.

4 pm – The Importance of Being Social – More marketing talk, this time focusing on social media marketing, and how it levels the playing field for music artists.

5 pm – The Plan for Your Ministry – We wrap the day by again going round table to discuss with each ministry how they think they might proceed with their unique ministry.

Dinner on your own

6:30 pm – Sound Check

7:30 – The Creative Soul Coffeehouse – This is a unique night of music that invites all attendees, their friends and families, and the entire church body out for a special night of fellowship, music, and fun. Each artist presents a few songs, accompanying themselves, with a partner, or with other artists or players from the church. It’s a win for everyone involved, and Creative Soul gets to hear what the artists are doing.


This can be an optional day for private meetings, planning sessions, or if possible, recording if that possibility exists. We purposely make this day optional for folks who may need to get back for Sunday services, but available for anyone who may want to talk or plan with us further in private.


Creative Soul President Eric Copeland is available to share with the church in song or join the worship team for Sunday services if desired. He can also share with the church body what transpired over the weekend with the ministries present.

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