Christian Artist Marketing Assessment

Trying to move to the next level with your music ministry but feel stuck where you are?

Have a great product and message but it’s just not clicking with your audience?

marketingOur “Christian Artist Marketing Assessment” is an affordable way to get a new, fresh look at what you are doing. We have been helping Christian artists take their music and ministry to a new level for over 20 years, and we know the independent Christian music market very well. We know how and why artists have success, and why they don’t.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. We’ll take an in depth look at every single aspect of your music ministry. We do this by checking out all the areas of your ministry marketing, seeing how they work, and how you could be more effective. Then we’ll give you a 36-Point Evaluation of what we see not just as a professional company who helps dozens of Christian artists each year, but also, and more importantly, as someone who is outside your sphere of influence and can give you a completely unbiased view of what we see.

2. We will also send you our “Getting Started in Christian Music” eBook. This will inform you as to who we are and also give you some perspective on what to do next.

3. A phone call wrapup with Creative Soul Records president Eric Copeland. A 25 year veteran of making and marketing Christian music outside of the industry (where you likely are and are trying to succeed). Aligned with Word Entertainment, a 66-year old giant in Christian music, Creative Soul has a unique view inside and outside the Christian music industry.

We charge just $125 for this package.

We look forward to learning about your music and ministry

To get started, just click here.


Once you submit payment, we’ll send you a personal email and include the “Getting Started in Christian Music” eBook, as well as the info we need from you. If you have questions, please email us at

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