Such Little Time…

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs. We have a finite time on this earth to create. That has never been more clear to me than watching my mother lose her desire and then her ability to create in her battle with cancer.


Fall Specials

You know you have limited time to finish your creative works, just like I do. This maybe be just what you’ve been waiting for. Creative Soul is offering Fall Special Packages to help you make AND get your music out to your audience! We’ve recently helped folks like Abigail Sloane, Kelly Gardenhire, and Rachel Moore make new EPs, singles, web sites, and digital stores. We’ve been doing this for years and know every step.


You Can’t…Not

Some people say they want to do something creative. It may be singing, songwriting, dancing, acting, or some other creative thing. They want to do it, but they don’t do it. This is where I find the true drop off between the people who are successful in creative careers, and those who are not…


It’s About the Songs

We have worked with artists and songs for almost three decades. Now more than ever, it just has to be about the songs. For some reason people think being a great singer, or entertainer, or artist is what it is all about. This is because we see the marketing behind these kinds of people and they stick out to us. So we conclude then that is what we should aspire to. But as we have … (Read More) >


Widen the Target

Whether you are an artist or songwriter, if you are reading this, you have probably been working towards a very pointed and exact target: Christian music. The problem is that we sometimes write a very similar message and style over and over again. Perhaps the problem is not what we are trying to do, maybe it’s that we are aiming for too small of a target…


The Perfect Record Deal

It’s that elusive thing that most artists dream of. The perfect recording deal that will give you a stunning project, propel you to radio, and jump start your music ministry. But no labels are signing. Even if they did, you aren’t sure you’d want them to own you, or your music, or your money! You could pay for it yourself, but you don’t have the money to invest in the whole thing. Plus, you’d own … (Read More) >


The Life of a Songwriter (A New Opportunity!)

A new project that lets you experience the whole life of a songwriter, from working with and learning from a Master Songwriter, to producing an amazing single, to pitching your single in person to a major Christian music publisher face to face.


Which Talent to Focus On?

Almost all of us creatives face the same problem: we are creative in more than one area. We like to write songs, or perform, or paint, or pen novels, or develop web sites, or produce music or video works, or [insert your creative thing here]. So how do you choose which one to work the hardest on? Which needs to take a back seat? And which one needs to be completely stricken from the creative ledger!

New Single Recording and Radio Special

This package includes our usual top-quality recording in Nashville with the top players and engineers in the business, as well as radio promotion through A-Sides promotion to get your single to hundreds of radio stations. Several of our artists have been using A-Sides, with one single reaching over 500 stations!


5 Excuses for Music “Meh”

meh informal exclamation 1. expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm. “Meh. I’m not impressed so far” adjective 1. uninspiring; unexceptional. “the songs just came out … meh” I hear all the time from folks who feel like they have been taken, or ended up with a bad project, or worked with the wrong person. They lament the fact that they made the wrong choice in producer, studio, or just in someone they trusted to help them well … (Read More) >